About the Artists

Photo of Greg and MaureenJoy and Fury Art was born from the creative minds of Greg and Maureen Fownes.

Maureen finds inspiration in the rhythm of the nearby ocean, and the vibrant flora and fauna of her home province. Her fascination with the human form weaves a thread of curiosity through her creations. With a love for a diverse range of materials from acrylic paints to coloured pencils to clay, every stroke is an invitation to delve deeper into her vibrant world. Maureen crafts illustrations, paintings, and even the occasional miniature. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Maureen's art has graced the walls of local galleries and restaurants.

Greg is fuelled by his boundless imagination which infuses his creations with an electrifying vitality. His journey has been a whirlwind of entrepreneurial ventures and diverse careers, all orbiting around his unyielding devotion to art. Armed with formal training in graphic design, Greg conjures visually arresting works that demand attention. His pieces, alive with color, movement, and action, beckon viewers into a world of exhilarating experiences. A lifelong enthusiast of comics, action movies, and video games, Greg's creations are both bold and whimsical, igniting curiosity and inspiring imagination.

In their shared studio, Greg and Maureen embark on an ever-evolving artistic voyage. Greg, with a graphic novel in the works, and Maureen, with her intricate explorations of form, have devoted themselves entirely to their craft. Their creative sanctuary is watched over by Wilber, the steadfast feline guardian, ensuring that every stroke of the brush and every pixel on the screen tells a story that captivates and enchants.

Together, Maureen and Greg form the heart of Joy and Fury Art. Join them on this journey, and let the joy and fury of their creations ignite your own imagination.