Collection: Anxietea

Anxietea was a series that started as a way for me to disconnect from my anxiety and reconnect with my creativity. I began these illustrations at a time where my anxiety felt paralyzing and I had lost touch with my creative-side. My inspiration for these pieces is always found near-by, more precisely from the comfort of “my spot on the couch”. I start by drawing something with-in view and what follows is a surprise, even to me. Each piece is an act of letting go, letting my mind be free and seeing where my hand and my unconscious mind lead me – a practice in being present and quieting my higher brain. When I started these I called them my colouring pages because I treated them as such, each illustration began with black outlines that I proceeded to colour in with the mindset of play. I’ve come to realize that these are much more than colouring pages, these are snapshots of me at times of great inner turmoil trying to let go, be free, and play. In the name of play, I love tea so this series is not anxiety, it’s Anxietea! - Maureen